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Demo 2


Bulletproof’s blog generates more than one and half million visitors monthly. Moreover, the company generates this traffic for pure coffee and nothing more. This coffee is promoted as the ridiculously pure coffee that is the best for those on the keto diet. Since the generation of the increased interest in keto diets and other sport and health products, the company expanded its product range and writes product-related and educational-powered blogs to educate its customers about the products.


Huel’s blog promotes food products and generates nearly 918,000 visits per month. This helps to increase conversion and boost the interest in the products that consist of full nutritional value for carbs, proteins, and fats that a person needs on the daily basis. Moreover, the blog Huel offer is not a blog in its usual understanding, it’s more like a page with FAQ about the products and ideas about healthy living. So, if you prefer being concise and specific, there is an example from Huel for you to look at


Gaiam’s blog is all about yoga, and it is the company that sells the app to do yoga and a variety of items that might be helpful when doing yoga. While yoga is popular today as a healthy lifestyle, the company decides to have its own blog to promote yoga even more. In Gaiam’s blog, they write about yoga style, yoga life, personal development and empowerment, and many more. As a result, the blog generates nearly 1,5 million traffic monthly, which creates a huge conversion boost for the company. 

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