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How to Protect Tesla Wheel Rims

How to Protect Tesla Wheel Rims

  • The tesla wheels are beautiful, but the rims get scratched or rash easily. What are some good ways we can protect it or cover it up after a rash? Here I recommend a good idea for you, it is a one-time investment for long-term protection of Tesla rims, and at the same time it can cover rim rash.

Why do we need rim protectors?

  • Tesla's rim is easy to curb rash, who wants to drive a beautiful Tesla with a scraped-up wheel?
  • Rim rash repairs cost $150+ each, and new third-party wheels can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • The rim protector provides long-term protection of the wheel rim while covering any rashes that have developed.
  • You can remove it at any time, or replace it with a new one for a lower price when it gets scratched.

How do rim protectors protect rims?

  • It is mounted on the rim and covers the rim. It provides protection and cushioning for the rim, all external forces will only damage the rim protector, not the rim. Just like our mobile phone screen protector, the protective film is broken when the phone is dropped, but the screen is still intact.

How to Choose a Good Rim Protector?

Consideration 1: Perfect fit

  • Tesla has a smaller rim gap, not all rim protectors on the market are suitable for it, the rim protector specially designed for Tesla is a better choice. 

Consideration 2: Good looks

  • I think every Tesla owner likes Tesla's exterior design very much, and we don't want any product to spoil its beauty. Alloy rim protectors are more refined and less obtrusive than rubber or nylon rim protectors. In addition, it must be a complete circle without any cutting gaps. 

Consideration 3: Powerful protection

  • Usually, there are three kinds of materials for rim protectors, which are alloy, rubber and nylon. Among them, the hardness of the alloy material is the strongest, and it is difficult to be damaged by hard objects. Rubber is the softest, it tends to deform or shift in a crash and doesn't protect the rim. 

Consideration 4: Firm and not fall off

  • Falling off is something that all rim protector buyers worry about. We have done a lot of testing and product optimization for this. We chose 3M VHB double-sided adhesive, which has strong viscosity and excellent anti-aging performance. In addition, we redesigned the size and edge shape of the rim protector so that it fits tightly to the rim by its own tension. It is more than 3 times firmer than ordinary rim protectors. 

Wheel rim protector with 3M VHB double-sided tape

Consideration 5: Easy to install

  • Many rim protectors on the market are a pain to install, requiring the wheel to be removed, the tire deflated, or cut yourself. This is very unfriendly to ordinary users. Our products do not require any of the above operations, nor any tools, just simple cleaning and pasting. 

In summary

  • I have summarized the pros and cons of common rim protectors. 

Comparison of three kinds of rim protectors

How to Choose the Right Size Rim Protector?

  • Our rim protectors are specially designed for Tesla, you can choose the right size for your Tesla according to the picture below. 
How to Choose the Right Size Rim Protector?

How to install rim protectors?

  • Its installation is very simple, you can describe the installation according to the following steps, or watch the installation video.

Installation Instruction Description

  • Step 1: Clean the rim with a wet towel and wait for the moisture to dry.
  • Step 2: Wipe the adhesive promoter on the Rim (Note: It's best to install the rim protector before the adhesive promoter dries, so we wipe the individual rims first).
  • Step 3: Tear off the protective film on the front of the rim protector.
  • Step 4: Tear off the double-sided adhesive protective film on the back of the rim protector (Note: only tear off a small section).
  • Step 5: Cover the rim protector onto the rim and adjust the position to ensure that it is perfectly aligned with the rim.
  • Step 6: While tearing off the remaining double-sided adhesive film, press the rim protector until all the double-sided adhesive film is removed.


  • The rim must be kept clean before installation.
  • After installation, you need to press the rim protector again to ensure that it fits tightly with the rim.
  • It is best not to drive within 6 hours after the installation is completed, and not to wash the car within 2 days.

Installation Instruction Video

Warranty & After-sales service

  • We back this product with a one-year warranty. If installed correctly according to the guidelines, the rim protector falls off within one year (except severe collision), we can provide a replacement for free.
  • If a rim protector is scratched or damaged by a collision, we offer individual rim protectors for sale, and you can contact us if you need it. 


  • Does it protect the rim effectively?
    In our tests, it provides excellent protection for wheel rims, including rubbing against concrete shoulders, stones and other hard objects.

  • Which car models does it apply to?
    It is suitable for most of the wheels of Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X, except for the wheels in the reference picture above, it is also suitable for old Tesla wheels, you can choose according to the wheel size.

  • Does it fall off when scratching and washing the car?
    We've tested it with scrapes and water jets, and it won't fall off when installed properly.

  • Will it fall off after long time use?
    Thanks to the anti-aging properties of 3M VHB double-sided adhesive, and the perfect fit specially designed for Tesla rims, it can be used for more than 3 years without falling off in daily use.

  • Do I need to remove the wheel to install it?
    No, you don't need to remove the wheel or hub cap to install it.

  • Can I remove it anytime?
    Of course, you can remove it at any time. High-quality 3M VHB adhesive will not leave glue marks on the rim.

  • Can it be used on rims with rashes?
    Yes, it can be installed on rims with rashes and will cover them perfectly.

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