Tesla Alcantara Steering Wheel Cover For Model 3/Y (2017-2023)

Color: Charcoal Black
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Tesla Alcantara Steering Wheel Cover For Model 3/Y (2017-2023)

Tesla Alcantara Steering Wheel Cover For Model 3/Y (2017-2023)


Tesla Alcantara Steering Wheel Cover For Model 3/Y (2017-2023)

Color: Charcoal Black

The Tesla Alcantara Steering Wheel Cover is a high-quality, comfortable, and durable accessory that provides enhanced grip and comfort while protecting your steering wheel from wear and tear. Luxurious Alcantara fabric, perfect fit, durable and long-lasting, and easy to install are the main highlights of this product. Don't settle for a boring, worn-out steering wheel - upgrade to the luxurious Tesla Alcantara Steering Wheel Cover today!




Why choose Alcantara Tesla accessories?

  • Durable than real leather-Alcantara material is constructed from 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. It has strong flame retardancy and wear resistance, no wear and tear in daily use, and almost no signs of aging under non-artificial damage.



  • Supercar looking- The color is fuller and has a very high-grade sense visually. It is the first choice material for luxury cars.



  • Strong friction- Alcantara material feels more delicate to the touch, and also has an incomparable coefficient of friction. When the driver sits on the seat, it can prevent insufficient friction between the body and the seat during intense driving, which will cause sliding and affect vehicle handling.



  • Easy to clean- The Alcantara material is easy to take care of. If you accidentally spill coffee, juice, or sweat stains left after normal use, you only need to use a special foam cleaner to clean it up.

Why choose to buy Alcantara Tesla Accessories on EVAMPIFY ?

Our products are authorized by Alcantara official certification. With reliable quality and reasonable price.



  • Fitments: 2017-2020 Model 3/Y
  • Perfect Fit: Custom-fit design ensures a perfect fit for your Tesla Steering Wheel.



  • Protection from Scratches and Scuffs: The soft texture of the Alcantara material protects your console from scratches, scuffs, and other damage.



  • Non-destructive installation: It is pasted with special double-sided adhesive tape automobiles without damaging the original car.




Q1: How to install it?
A1: 5 Steps.
Step 1: Clean the surface using alcohol.
Step 2: Let it dry for a while.
Step 3: Take the surface off with a static cloth to make sure there is no dust left.
Step 4: Take off the plastic from the double-sided tape.
Step 5: Place the product facing with the double-sided tape on the surface and apply some pressure for a few minutes.

Q2: Is the Alcántara material real?
A2: Our factory has a certificate officially certified by Alcantara.

Transform the interior of your Model 3 and Model Y with these tailor trimmed in Alcantara parts to color-match the Steering Wheel. Click the photo to get them👇👇👇




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