Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y (Inspired by Model X/S Yoke Style)

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Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y (Inspired by Model X/S Yoke Style)

Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y (Inspired by Model X/S Yoke Style)


Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y (Inspired by Model X/S Yoke Style)


Upgrade your Model 3/Y with Yoke Steering Wheel (Inspired by Model X/S Yoke Style).


  • Sleek & Sporty Design: EVAMPIFY new style yoke steering wheel design that is inspired by OEM Tesla Model S/X Yoke steering wheel, adopts sleek and sporty design to elevate the Model 3/Y interior aesthetics. This steering wheel is not made using original factory fake leather, but it's sturdier and more durable to wear and tear. lts ergonomic design adds a luxurious texture, providing a comfortable driving experience and improved grip for handling.
  • Superior Material: Crafted from high-quality, hand-built, and 100% real leather, this steering wheel offers exceptional durability. The top-grade leather upholstery ensures a sleek finish without any concerns to air bubbles or deformation while effectively preventing fingerprints and scratches.
  • Workmanship: Our steering wheels are meticulously crafted for passionate Tesla car enthusiasts. Each curve, stitch, and panel is thoughtfully designed to prioritize both comfort and style; to ensuring a truly exceptional driving experience.
  • Installation: Our modification process is non-destructive and requires no specialized tools. Rest assured, it has no impact to any computer or airbag in your vehicle. The airbag, electronics, computer systems, and hardware remain fully functional, ensuring the same reliable performance as before.

How to distinguish whether your steering wheel is 5/7 or 6/6?

Kindly remind, please replace your controller module in the bottom when installing this product, otherwise the heating function will not work.

Note: This is a non-original factory steering wheel!

Installation Manual: Click Here

Important Notes:

  • This steering wheel is the customized product, no refund or return without quality problems.
  • Default with black middle panel and OEM steering wheel buttons
  • Default with Heated Feature. The heated function is ONLY applicable for Model 3/Y comes with the built-in heated steering wheel. The heating wheel needs to use the heating harness and module of your original vehicle. If your Tesla does not have the heated function, Do not connect the heating wire.
  • For the steering wheel airbag cover, if you have any requirements for airbag cover, please note it when placing the order; if not, we will make it with the following default Nappa leather.

Q1: lmproper display of reversing dashed lines.
A1: Cause 1: Incorrect installation alignment
Solution: Properly align the center groove indentation when installing the disk to ensure accurate positioning.

Q2: Gap between the button frame and the bare disk
A2: Cause: Improperly fastened clips
Solution: Disassemble, reposition the clips correctly, and reinstall.

Q3: Dirty leather and unsure about maintenance
A3: Cause: Prolonged usage over time
Solution: You can purchase foam cleaning agents online for cleaning (without corrosive properties, to prevent damage to the leather)

Q4: Unable to open the airbag cover
A4: Cause: Tightened clips
Solution: After watching the installation video, use a suitable tool to pry open the airbag cover.

Q5: Unable to unplug the connector
A5: Cause: The connector has two locking positions
Solution: Use a flathead screwdriver to push against one locking position while using your finger to push against the other locking position to disconnect it.

Q6: Buttons not functioning
A6: Cause: Damaged wiring harness or connector
Solution: You need to go to a specialized store to replace the wiring harness or connector.

Q7: Unable to remove fixed screws
A7: Cause: Excessive adhesive inside
Solution: To avoid stripping the screws, you can visit a service center to request assistance with loosening them. Alternatively, you can attempt to disassemble them yourself.

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